Sorry and Goodbye

Hello, guys. Now I would like to say sorry for every mistake I’ve made. Soon I will strictly limit my activity in any social media account that I have (unless if you’re contacting me for urgent matters). So, again, I’m really sorry for making many errors, intentionally or not. I realize that I can’t impress anyone. Perhaps almost no one likes to befriend me. I’m sorry, but this is me. I can’t fake myself just to impress anyone around me. And I don’t have much time to “take care” of your feelings. Actually, some people should have understood what my real intention is, and that’s not a bad thing. I also fully realize my shortcomings and I hope so that I can fix them.

I thank God for sending many of my beloved ones, such as my family, my beloved man, and the family of my beloved man, who have supported and trusted me in many things. Without them, I’m nothing. I’m not gonna miss this opportunity to make them happy. I believe I can change my life by working hard for my future from this present time. God listens to my dreams. I only want to focus on those who love me sincerely. Again, thank you, sorry, and goodbye.


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