Classical Music for Me

In these two months, I’ve spent my days listening to some great classical pieces, such as Bach, Dvorak, Faure, Vivaldi, and Beethoven. Too many composers in classical music. Overall, they’ve presented their best works. I almost love all of them. What makes me amazed is the effect of their pieces. This is remarkable. Their music really influences my mind and soul. Relaxing and romantic. I often find that their music has some intentional purposes that they didn’t tell directly in words. Some are very romantic and relaxing. While the other pieces have a great spiritual effect.

I often consider that this genre is a heavenly music. Sometimes the melody makes me remember God. It has something related to sufism, I think. It strengthens my belief to be always in God’s path. To have a faith in God. To never feel hopeless about this transient life. I guess that these composers know about something that people nowadays don’t know. Maybe they couldn’t tell it in words because they’re afraid of intimidation or persecution. Perhaps this could be the reason why they made these classical pieces. They wanted to tell us something. Probably, it’s about life itself. A secret.

I ever posted a symphony titled Slavonic Dance in this blog. That was Dvorak’s piece. That piece is very romantic and light. Dvorak’s gonna be my favorite composer, after Vivaldi. Recommended for you all who seek peace for mind and soul. Have a nice Wednesday eve, everyone!


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