I love reading timeline, whether it is in Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes I become speechless when I see the first post that emerges in timeline is about someone’s happiness (e.g. my friend’s celebration), but after that, I see the post about an accident that occurred to some people in another world (e.g. natural disaster, riot, etc).

I remind myself about one narration, which told that if we wake up from our sleep and don’t care about what happen to another people (especially brother in faith, Moslem), then we are not Moslem. A question in my mind, “What happen to this world?”.

Where is our concern now? Only for showing-off our happiness, while our brothers suffer and succumb to death? Where are our prayers gone? Is it supposed to be a gift to our brothers? Oh, damn, how ungrateful I am! I’m sitting here in peace and watching my brothers in faith crying in their suffering. While I’m still complaining about my situation now.

Thankfully God still showers me His grace so that I still live peacefully. Yes, I can do nothing for them, but at least, I can pray for them. Hey my brothers there, await the relief patiently. Let us pray together to hasten the appearance of our hero. Let us cry, begging no one but God, to relieve our pain. Surely, God is with us.


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