Here we go again. A new relationship. It started with a serious declaration. Who would refuse a serious man, huh?

Well, I’m being too happy now. I never thought that someone would ask me out again and he did it for more serious purpose. I’m getting burnt by this desire, to have him. It kindles something like a bomb, that arises everytime I think about him. It’s ready to explode. I feel like a crazy teenager now. Feeling so anxious, being eager to meet him, or even daydreaming about future.

Hopefully. The outcome of something unsure is a word “hopefully”. Though he already stated his seriousness, I don’t know why, I’m kinda worried. Still, the traumatic events haunt me. I’m afraid to lose again. I’m afraid to misbelieve and misjudge again. In the other hand, my feeling becomes stronger day by day. I hope that this is not a mistake. I hope that this isn’t started by a lie. I really wish that this would last forever.

Hello, jaaneman. Miss you.


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