Broken Trust (A Letter to A Friend)

Well, in this modern era, it’s not easy to find a good friend. In friendship, trust is a must-have thing. If you don’t trust your friend, then it’s not friendship. Yes, what can break your friendship is when you lose your trust to your own friend. When the trust is broken, all goes back to zero. Even worse. You will hate each other. I’m not meant to be wicked, but one thousand times of apology will not revive that trust. What you will think about your friend is.. Bad memories. It really kindles a flame of hatred between both of you.

I know, my disappointment will not change anything better. That apology heals nothing. Sometimes I ask to myself: why do people lie so easily? Didn’t they know that lying is evil? Didn’t their parents teach them about morals? Another question is: does trust depend on who you are? I mean, trust is something that everyone has. It is human’s right and it is obligatory upon anyone to keep that trust. In my case, yes, I’m not your girlfriend. But, does it mean that I have no right to be treated well? My friend, we are human. You can’t make any excuse for doing any evil actions to anyone, even he is only your friend. If so, please admit your mistakes and apologize soon. Stop insisting that you’re always right. Stop thinking that your friend is an opponent that you have to defeat.

Lying is eviler than murder, my friend. You already know about this. We aren’t the enemies in a war. We aren’t a married couple, either. Why did you lie to me? Why are you still arrogant about yourself? My friend, please do contemplate. Please do consider this friendship. If not, why did you spend your time with me? We had breakfast and dinner together. We watched movies together. We studied together. We taught each other. We shared our secrets to each other. We promised to keep them well. We joked together. Do you still think that it was just an ordinary friendship, that you could just throw it away? Tell me, my friend.

Where are you? Have you been blinded by love? I used to know you as a logical person. Why did you sacrifice your intellect in a blink of eye? Why did you trust your lust instead of me? Why do you allow deception in friendship? Why do you harden you heart? Why do you deafen your ears from the truth? Am I nothing for you, after I always accompany and help you?

I am your friend, I won’t guide you towards the wrong direction, buddy.


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