This post is just a reminder.

Well, instability is the character of this world. It is the constant thing. It happens everytime. You call it as ‘change’.

But, I feel something different. It is not because of age. Of course, when we grow up, we will change ourselves. So will the circumstance. Again, this is something different. It is much more related to the things in our time now. Several years ago, in my childhood time, I would go playing around with my friends. Hide-and-seek and another children games. I mean, we went outside the house in order to socialize with another kids. So, that’s why the memories still remain in my mind, forever.

Now, everything has changed. Friendship has been bound into sophisticated gadgets. Laptops, cellphones, tablets, or whatever you call it. We don’t touch the green grass. We don’t feel the heat of the sun. We don’t feel the raindrops falling into our heads. Where are they now? Many words are there. Those words aren’t in private anymore. It is digitalized in gadgets. It can be spread anywhere and anytime. Good or bad, it will make rumours.

I just realize, fast growth of internet, especially social media, has changed everything in my life. I really miss the time when social media doesn’t exist in this world. When privacy was very confidential thing, this world was in peace. When privacy is gone, it ruins the world, including my world. That’s why I prefer blogging now. Blog isn’t like social media. Blog is about writing, not showing-off activity. Blog makes you original and special.  Moreover, tags are more appropriate when it’s used in blog, instead of social media.



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